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Bryana Yocum

Bryana Yocum, Interim Solutions Coordinator


MedBest Tampa

Bryana Yocum, CTS, Interim Solutions Coordinator, is central to the success and expansion of our Interim Talent Solutions Division. Bryana is ready and able to respond quickly to the rapid growth happening in Interim leadership opportunities in Senior Living.

Her interim search experience combined with over 10 years in customer service, Bryana prides herself on possessing excellent people skills, timely follow-up efforts, and overall efficiency. Both clients and candidates appreciate her active listening skills and know she’s fully engaged and committed to their talent needs.

Bryana joined MedBest as a Researcher and quickly adapted to the Senior Living Industry so much so, that Leadership views her as a rising star! Within a month of her promotion, she successfully filled 5 Interim positions.

Born in Philadelphia, Bryana brings a strong work ethic and the “never give up” mentality. Plus, having her own grandparents in a senior living facility, she knows the importance of matching the right caregiver with the right Interim position and tirelessly works to that end.

Bryana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology from the University of South Florida. In her spare time, she is a member of an ultimate Frisbee team, enjoys Yoga, and kayaking.

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