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C-Suite Senior Living Executives

C-Suite Senior Living Executive Placement

Recruiting for impactful leaders is crucial because they drive positive change, inspire teams, and propel organizations toward success. They have the ability to innovate, make strategic decisions, and navigate challenges effectively. Ultimately, they drive growth, profitability, and organizational excellence.

At MedBest, our highly trained and experienced executive search consultants secure the leadership you need to foster a culture of excellence, build winning teams, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.  

A ship cannot sail without a captain, a plane cannot fly without a
pilot, and a senior living organization and community cannot run
without effective executive leadership. C-Level positions are
some of the most difficult positions to fill within the hierarchy of
staff. To build an effective leadership team and avoid the
common pitfalls of a mishire, the needs of your organization
must be met with the level of experience and skills offered by

Why Use Medbest To Recruit The
Perfect C-Suite Executive?

  • Exclusive to the Senior Living Industry Since 2001
  • Specializing in Positions Ranging from C- Suite to Mid-Level Facility/Community Management Placements
  • Access to a Vast Network of Active and Passive Executive Candidates
  • Expertise in both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Health Care and Senior Living Executive Searches
  • Boutique Firm Providing Personal Service and Tailored Searches
  • Full-Time Recruiters Dedicated to Senior Living. Many are Former Senior Living Executives
  • Full-Time Research Team
  • Additional Support Staff
  • Over the past 3 years and hundreds of searches, we’ve only had a replacement rate of 4.6%
By focusing on quality over quantity, our experienced search consultants at MedBest exceed the industry
standard fill rate by roughly 15%; our success rate when retained for Executive searches is 100%.
Of Clients would recommend us to friends and colleagues
of Clients and Candidates were very satisfied with our services

Securing C-level Executives In Senior Living  &
Long-Term Care Is Unique

The C-level executive’s ability to be successful in the position forms the backbone of the senior living organization. For this reason, we identify and secure highly experienced and qualified C-level executives whose mission is to ensure that our elderly population receive the care and support needed to live fulfilling and dignified lives.
At MedBest, we're are more than just recruiters. We are passionate about the senior living industry and are exclusive to it. We offer decades of combined years of hands-on experience in the niche of long-term senior care; we are senior living executives, placing senior living executives.

Some of our successful long term care executive placements include:

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Nursing Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief People Officer
Chief Clinical Officer

How Our Recruiting Process Delivers The
Nations Best Senior Living Executives

Our unique placement sets us apart from other executive search firms. Based on our experience and success in both
recruiting and healthcare, we created a multi-step system for placement incorporated in our MedBest Advantage and
MedBest Premium Package. Here are the highlights:
  • Extensive research on a our clients and their company’s culture to determine the requirements and objectives of the position we are filling
  • 80+ candidates may be screened, however, only a select few will be recruited, interviewed, and qualified
  • In-depth background and reference checks are made
  • In person and video interviews are scheduled between the client and the elite candidates
  • We have a comprehensive evaluation method that aids clients in the decision making process.
  • Clients usually only need to interview two candidates before one is presented with an offer
  • Because we focus on quality and not quantity, our clients save valuable time and avoid the headache of screening dozens of potential candidates
  • After a candidate is hired, MedBest ensures that the talent is secured and retained, and follows up with both parties within 90 days
MedBest Advantage

A 25-step thorough recruiting process to match the best candidate for a business’s position. The trained experts
at MedBest search far and wide for candidates that meet
the necessary qualifications and specifications as set by
the client. Each potential candidate is then rigorously
screened with reference and background checks, then
intensely interviewed. In the end, our clients typically
only need to interview two of the elite chosen candidates
before an offer is presented.
MedBest Premium Package

Taking the recruiting process to the next level, our
MedBest Premium service intensely screens clients for
behaviors and personality traits to ensure that the
perfect candidate is placed in the ideal position. This
also creates the ability to reduce conflict with future
employees by proactively learning their communication
style and individual motivators. When fully implemented,
MedBest Premium boasts an incredible 92% long-term
retention rate.
C-Suite Senior Living Executives Jobs
For those who are looking for a position in C-Suite Senior Living Executives, our job board is full of great
opportunities to find the perfect match for your skills.
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Here's What They're Saying About Us

"Julie and MedBest were recommended to me by a trusted colleague due to her vast industry experience. What I liked the most is that Julie took the time to understand our culture and was able
Raj Patel
CEO, Optalis Healthcare
“MedBest has been a huge help over the last 2 years when hiring staff. I would highly recommend MedBest Senior Care to other people working in the LTC industry.”
Craig Neiswanger, B.S., M.B.A., L.N.H.A.
COO, Vita Healthcare Group
“Your Interim DON did a great job stepping in! She had a passion to make a difference and a love for resident care. We were impressed by her knowledge base,...
Cathie Chabrier
Administrator, Westminster Suncoast
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