Who is the MedBest Executive Search Firm?

The MedBest Executive Search Firm recruiters have over 83 years of combined experience in the senior care industry. Your business has been our business for decades.  By specializing in senior care we provide clients throughout the healthcare business with nationally sought after talent. We place all mid-level management and executives including CEO, C-Suite and Nurse Leadership positions. Our priority is matching the right people within the right positions. Our recruiting experts are former healthcare executives, so we bring experience to both sides of the hiring process.

Established in 2001, our motto is quality, not quantity.



With our MedBest Premium screening process, we determine what motivates candidates, how they behave, and what skills they can bring to your company. This ensures the best possible fit and safeguards your investment for the long-term. Our recruiters specialize in placing mid-level management to executive and C-Suite within the senior healthcare industry. This niche allows us an unprecedented focus throughout the senior care business.

At the MedBest Executive Search Firm, we typically fill a position within 40 days when most competitors average 52.  Our healthcare recruiters exceed the industry standard fill rate by roughly 15%.


Our Mission

To provide leadership solutions to the senior healthcare industry by accurately matching exceptional individuals with our client’s culture for long-term success. 

The MedBest Executive Search Firm achieves our mission by:

  • Becoming the Avengers of Recruiting: Saving Clients on a Daily Basis
  • Maintaining Longstanding Relationships in the Senior Healthcare Industry
  • Embracing Challenges
  • Never Saying Never to Recruiting the Perfect Candidate
  • Pursuing Passive Candidates
  • Channeling Sherlock Holmes when Researching and Screening
  • Becoming an Exclusive Adviser to Clients, Not Simply a Vendor
  • Managing Talent with Excellent Communication
  • Keeping Current on Standards and Trends within our Industry

Our Core Values

Our belief in the following values sets us apart from other companies:MedBest-Illustrations-02

  • Be Fun
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Ferociously Committed
  • Choose Ethics Over Advancement
  • Choose Quality Over Quantity
  • Save the Workforce, One Recruit at a Time
  • Stay Passionate About Serving the Elderly
  • Corral Creativity
  • Employ Communication and Consistent Smiling
  • Be a Lifetime Learner

Our Affiliated Associations



“MedBest has been a good partner for our organization. They have successfully completed difficult placements with professionalism and speed. Julie and her team keep the needs of the employer and candidate in mind to find the best possible match. Their assistance has helped me grow my business. Excellent work.” – Mike Jones, CEO/Principal of Healthtique Group
“As a full service real estate development company in the long-term healthcare business, finding top level executives to manage our facilities is crucial to our success. However, it takes time to match the right candidate with our company’s culture. We don’t have the time to properly perform this daunting task, yet we can’t afford to take shortcuts or make mistakes. The MedBest recruiters and their CEO, Julie Rupinski, are proving relentless in their quest to find our perfect candidate. They dig deep into a candidate’s background and ask tough questions many recruiters might skirt over or avoid. MedBest is candid with me and has gained my trust. I’ve also found the communication to be excellent and enjoyable. MedBest is saving us a significant amount of time, hassle and money; they are definitely worth the investment and we will continue to use them for future staffing needs.” – Charles Turner, CEO of Pinpoint Commercial Real Estate
“MedBest Recruiting helped me emerge my business 8 years ago. MedBest has never given up on our tough searches and has been instrumental in helping me recruit professional talent in a highly competitive space. I really believe that we would be less of a company without the spectacular people they have placed with us.” – Connie Bessler, President of Greystone
“In 2009, I was in need of an Executive Director for my Assisted Living community. I called upon Med Best to seek out candidates. They sent potential candidates who fit exactly what I was looking for in filling the position. The Med Best representatives took the time to personally meet with me to determine what I was looking for in an Executive Director. They really listened and sent potential candidates who fit exactly what I was looking for in filling the position. Med Best also did a great job in background screening. We were able to hire one of Med Best’s candidates and have been satisfied with the outcomes. I would highly recommend Med Best in seeking out the best health care professionals!” – Susan A. Daurie, President at The Fountains ALF
“In my position, I find the service offered by MedBest to always exceed my expectations. The professionalism, follow-thru and executive search process provided to me by MedBest allows me to keep my focus on other operational key points of our industry. Several of my TEAM members have been brought to surface by MedBest and are performing at a level that far exceeds industry standards and they can only be described as accelerated operators. Keep up the great work MedBest!!” – Brian McCoy, RVP, LaVie Centers
“I have used MedBest over the past seven-plus years to find staff management positions such as Social Workers, Dietitians and Nurse Managers. The candidates presented by MedBest have uniformly been outstanding in their field and reasonable fits for the job at hand. I have also used MedBest personally to seek a new position; MedBest was an advocate for my needs and consistently followed up on questions and interview results. MedBest is the best recruiting company I have ever used!” – Bo Gillespie, Nursing Home Administrator
Katie Piperata and MedBest have really helped me find suitable opportunities to fit my schedule and lifestyle. As an Interim Administrator, I depend on MedBest for outsourcing my services and have come to expect professionalism and customer service on each and every encounter. Katie Piperata has first-hand knowledge of the profession, as well as a great reputation with the community. I think that these attributes set Med Best apart from the rest.” – Adriana Wales, Nursing Home Administrator
“Please believe when I say MedBest is not your typical “external” recruiter. I was an internal recruiter for 14 years before I joined MedBest. My 14 months with the company afforded me professional growth & after many years of dealing with external recruiters I found a gem. They are very discriminating on both sides regarding candidates & companies they will represent. I learned much about clinical screening (not just a resume review, chat with & pass on); for example the NHA screening/interview is 3 pages. Julie, company owner, & Katie, Director of Operations, are NHAs which is invaluable for candidates & clients. They are recruiting experts in the Senior Care Industry who take the match of candidate to position very seriously. If you haven’t already guessed I highly recommend MedBest!” – Martha Oddo, Recruiter
“Working with MedBest Recruiting was a very good experience for me, even though I lived 1000 miles away from the final destination. The recruiters are sharp and they know what they are doing and know what the expectations are of both parties involved. They not only have their client in mind, but their applicant’s well being as well. Their job is to make it all work out for everyone. In other words the “right fit” has to be there for both the client and the recruit.

My recruiter was sensational. We worked together until we both felt it was what was best for my new employer and me. The interviews were set up timely in person and over the phone. The knowledge base of the recruiters is phenomenal, as they really know what they are doing. After several interviews and test taking, I was placed in what I call my dream job. I owe it all to MedBest Recruiting. They got me top wages, relocation expenses and a job I never want to leave. I guess why that’s why they call themselves Med BEST!” – Dawn Lewis, Nursing Home Administrator
“What a pleasure it was to work with Katie Piperata at MedBest! Katie is a seasoned recruiter who has been in and understands the roles of the people she is helping today.

I was looking to relocate to Florida and Katie helped me find a great company to work for. She guided me through the entire process, starting with the first interview until the day I signed an offer. Her help, knowledge and instructions were invaluable! Katie is not only an exceptional recruiter; she is also a very open and friendly person. I strongly recommend Katie to anyone who needs professional recruiting services!” – Jordan Heaps, Nursing Home Administrator
“I have had the pleasure of working with MedBest Recruiting services. They have placed me twice with positions that were exactly what I was looking for. They had many different opportunities for me to choose from. While there are many different recruiting agencies out there, I know that MedBest is interested in me as a person.

They not only found me opportunities, but talked with me about the pro’s and con’s of the positions and how they would affect me and my personal life. I truly feel like I am a person to MedBest and not just a resume.

I am now extremely happy in my current position, working for a company that values my contribution both monetarily and professionally. I would highly recommend MedBest Recruiting to anyone in the health care field seeking a position and have done so many times in the past.” – Kim Vermiliyea, Nursing Home Administration
We are very happy with the Nursing Home Administrator you and MedBest Recruiting helped us find. As we explained when we began the hiring process, our facility’s culture is different than most, in that it is a small community based skilled nursing facility run by a Board of Directors, and therefore, we needed special focus. We pleased that MedBest gave us the personal attention that we needed in order to find just the right candidate. And in fact, all of the candidates we received from MedBest were thoroughly screened to match our exact needs which made our jobs much easier. The MedBest Recruiter’s knowledge and their conscientious approach to selecting candidates stood out from the very beginning of the process. They were able to find us the best candidate in the quickest amount of time.
With sincere appreciation, we remain,
Sincerely yours,
Richard Baldwin, Secretary to the Board of Directors, The Gardens at DePugh Nursing Center, Winter Park, FL
“MedBest changed my opinion regarding the value of a professional recruitment service.

As an Executive Director of a CCRC that prides itself in the development of quality management teams I am thrilled to be able to share my experience in working with MedBest in the recent recruitment of our administrator. Admittedly, I postponed reaching out to a recruiter believing that I could conduct my search independently. This delay was also prompted by past experiences with recruiters who simply showered me with resumes based on the availability of the applicant not the attributes that I was looking for within the individual. Once the decision was made to move forward, my MedBest representative carefully listened to my needs. We discussed the culture of my organization and community including professional traits that I desired in my candidate. Within a short period of time I was pleased to see resumes that were clearly within the guidelines that we had discussed. Further, MedBest spent quality time speaking with candidates in advance undoubtedly demonstrating the value of their service in doing so. MedBest changed my opinion regarding the value of a professional recruitment service and I would certainly endorse the use of their services.” – George Bryan, President of the United States Indian River Estates
"Using MedBest as my Executive Search firm has been an extremely positive experience. As a candidate seeking employment in the highly competitive and specialized healthcare management industry, I was fortunate to have such an organized and proactive team backing me. From my first Skype interview with Bob, and subsequent follow up with Katie, I was impressed with their thoroughness and prompt response. They took the time to establish a relationship and I never felt like cattle within a herd of candidates. I also appreciated how candid they were. I absolutely felt I could trust this company. Their support during my experience allowed me to secure a wonderful opportunity with a leader in the long-term healthcare industry. I would highly recommend MedBest to anyone seeking a well-organized and thorough Executive Search firm!!" - Ken Cormier, Executive Director, Indian River Estates