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Compassionate Care Connections: Our Recruiters Enhance Skilled Nursing & Long-Term Care Facilities

Working in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) or Long Term Care Facility is a highly demanding, yet highly rewarding profession.  It takes an individual with compassion and a passion for serving our older population. As skilled nursing and long term care executive recruiters, we share that passion.  That's why MedBest Recruiting is exclusive to the Senior Living / Long Term Care industry. Our goal is to serve as your executive search partner and present only those highly qualified, most compassionate, and experienced skilled nursing and long term care executives that fit your talent needs.

Why Have Medbest Recruit For Your Skilled Nursing &
Long-Term Care Facilities?

Why choose MedBest Recruiting? Our leadership team sat in the seats you're looking to fill, including management and operations! That's why we truly understand your perm and interim talent needs and that it takes the right people in the right positions to
run a successful skilled nursing or long term care facility.

Skilled nursing facilities

Do you need more reasons to select MedBest as your search partner?

98% of clients recommend us

96% are satisfied or very satisfied with our search services

1-2 business days is the average to present interim options

Named to Top 20 List of Executive Search Firms in US 2024

Named to Top 10 List of Interim Services Providers 2023

At MedBest, we understand the responsibilities and requirements that come with a demanding career in skilled nursing and  long term care. 
Some of our successful skilled nursing and long term care placements include:
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Clinical Officer
Chief Nursing Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief People Officer
Nursing Home Administrator
Director of Nursing
MDS Coordinator
Infection Prevention Coordinator
Finance Director
Director of Human Resources
Sales & Marketing Director
Registered Dietician / Dietary Director
Admissions/Marketing Coordinator
IT Leadership & Support
Risk Manager
Chief Vice President/ Divisional Vice President
Chief Nurse Consultant/Vice President of Clinical
Chief Reimbursement Consultant/Vice President of Financial

Our Recruiting Process Was Designed To Take The
Headache Out Of Hiring

At MedBest, we like to think of ourselves as “matchmakers,” locating and landing a candidate that will be a successful placement for your permanent or interim role. Our team of full-time skilled nursing and long term care recruiters, hunt for those hard to find candidates and superstars that meet our high standards and your specific requirements. We only present you with a slate of qualified and elite candidates.

After being on both sides of the hiring process, our team members saw the need for a more streamlined and efficient
process for filling open positions. MedBest's process helps your skilled nursing or long term care facility avoid a mismatch. With that in mind, MedBest offers two recruiting packages to solve your hiring headache.

MedBest Advantage

Consists of our proven multi-step process for finding, interviewing, and securing the perfect talent for each of our clients. Each skilled nursing facility comes with its own set of needs, which is why we go through a stringent system to ensure every requirement is met within a potential candidate. This process allows us to screen for qualifications, recommendations, certifications, and experience necessary to successfully fill any open position for the long-term.

MedBest Premium Package

Allows us to take this screening process a step further by incorporating personality assessment into recruiting. Using innovative and thorough testing, potential workplace conflicts, an assessment of responses, and overall character can be gauged to guarantee a successful placement. When MedBest Premium is fully deployed, the DISC personality assessment boasts near perfection with a 92% success rate.

Skilled Nursing & Long Term Care Opportunities

For those who are looking for a position in skilled nursing and long term care, including Director of Nursing,
Nursing Home Administrator, MDS Coordinator, Infection Preventionist, Sales
Positions and more, visit our Job Board which is full of great opportunities to find the perfect match for your skills.
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Here's What They're Saying About Us

"Julie and MedBest were recommended to me by a trusted colleague due to her vast industry experience. What I liked the most is that Julie took the time to understand our culture and was able
Raj Patel
CEO, Optalis Healthcare
“MedBest has been a huge help over the last 2 years when hiring staff. I would highly recommend MedBest Senior Care to other people working in the LTC industry.”
Craig Neiswanger, B.S., M.B.A., L.N.H.A.
COO, Vita Healthcare Group
“Your Interim DON did a great job stepping in! She had a passion to make a difference and a love for resident care. We were impressed by her knowledge base,...
Cathie Chabrier
Administrator, Westminster Suncoast
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