Personality Matching

The Art of Recruiting the Perfect
Senior Living Team

Creating the perfect team is an art. As former senior living executives, we have witnessed
successful companies crumble because the wrong personalities were matched together. On
paper, a candidate might look great. During the interview, they may have hit it out of the park.
However, if they don’t fit the culture of the organization, there's a good chance for a mismatch.

The Company, The Executive, The Managers And Their
Employees: Alliance = Success

With the MedBest Premium package we take an in-depth look into a candidate’s personality. Our state-of-the-art DISC assessment looks at an employee’s motivators, practices, and how they adapt and overcome when presented with difficult situations. We find out how they handle adversity, what conflicts they avoid, and most importantly what types of surrounding personalities bring out their best attributes. Because every employee is uniquely different, the personality screening allows a candidate and a client to see weaknesses and strengths. When the MedBest Premium package is fully implemented it boasts over a 90% long-term success rate.

After the assessment is completed an expert will debrief the candidate and client on the discoveries of the screening. Both parties find this information insightful and invaluable to their success. The DISC assessment is a science based process used worldwide throughout major corporations.

For those who are looking for a position in senior healthcare, our job board is full of great opportunities to find the perfect match for your skills.
Personality Matching
MedBest Advantage

Features our 25-step recruitment process. In this rigorous screening, we find possible talent and candidates to then recruit and interview. We do all the heavy lifting, meaning clients will usually only interview two final choices. Our dedicated team will then work with our client to ensure that the candidate is secured for the long-term.
MedBest Premium Package

Offers all that MedBest Advantage does, but launches it step further. A perfect match is guaranteed with the use of personality testing. This unique and highly effective form of testing allows us to screen potential candidates for possible conflicts and personality elements that may become troublesomein the long run.

Here's What They're Saying About Us

“MedBest is the Best! We just recently recruited an employee to open a new office in Houston, Texas. MedBest found the right person for the job and we
Timothy Sullivan
CEO, Optalis Healthcare
“MedBest has been a huge help over the last 2 years when hiring staff. I would highly recommend MedBest Senior Care to other people working in the LTC industry.”
Craig Neiswanger, B.S., M.B.A., L.N.H.A.
COO, Vita Healthcare Group
“Your Interim DON did a great job stepping in! She had a passion to make a difference and a love for resident care. We were impressed by her knowledge base,...
Cathie Chabrier
Administrator, Westminster Suncoast
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