Nurse Leadership Recruitment: We Find Exceptional Leaders!

The Vital Role of 
Nurse Leadership Positions

Nurse Leaders within the Senior Living Industry play a vital role in the way a facility functions. There is a correlation
between strong Nurse Leadership and a strong team, quality and safety of resident care, and understanding of how to
incorporate an organization's strategies for success.

At MedBest, we work tirelessly to ensure that we place the right candidate in a Nurse Leadership position based on
skill sets, past experience, qualifications, traits, and personality to ensure long-term success.

An Urgent Priority...Filling Critical Nursing Roles

When searching for a talented and experienced Nurse to fill a Nurse Leadership role, whether perm or interim, we
screen potential nurses for many different skills, past experience, traits, personality factors, licenses, and
certifications to ensure that they will be able to lead in these critical positions.

Filling Nurse Leadership positions present their own unique set of challenges and demands, making a finding the
perfect match that much more important for continued success. No executive recruiting firm understands this more
than MedBest. Remember, we are Senior Living executives placing executives. Your business has been our business
for decades.

An exceptional Nurse Leader and their staff will display
the perfect balance between compassion and business.
Some essential traits of a Nurse Leader include:

Nursing Leadership
Teamwork Oriented
Empathy & Compassion
Ability to Coach & Mentor
High Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
Expert Communicator
Poise under Pressure
Balancing Business Management and Quality Care
Open Friendliness

In addition to the above traits, here are some skills we
look for during our recruitment process:

Strong Clinical Knowledge
Previous Nurse Leadership and Director of Nursing Experience in Senior Care Setting
Regulatory Knowledge and Positive Survey Outcomes: Rigorous License Recertification Standards
Experience with P & P Implementation
Team Building and Mentoring
Ability to Follow Through
Strong Tenure
Nurse Leadership

MedBest has successfully filled these Nurse Leadership roles:

Chief Nursing Officer
Vice President of Clinical Services
Regional Nurse Consultant
Clinical Consultant
Infection Preventionist
Director of Nursing
Director of Resident Services

Why Medbest Recruiting Is Different

A candidate could look like the perfect fit for a position on paper, with all of the right skills, traits, licenses, and qualifications
required – but personality can make or break a team culture. At MedBest, we understand that candidates are not two-
dimensional figures that can be hired based on just facts and statistics, which is why we take the time to prescreen and
thoroughly interview potential employees. In fact, because of our screening process, the average MedBest client will only
conduct two interviews before making an offer. This not only saves you and your business money but also valuable time.
MedBest Advantage

A 25-step thorough recruiting process to match the best candidate for a business’s position. The trained experts at MedBest search far and wide for candidates that meet the necessary qualifications and specifications as set by the client.
MedBest Premium Package

Our MedBest Premium package encompasses Medbest Advantage but incorporates a science based personality DISC assessment. Matching candidates with a company’s culture, DISC has proved itself time and time again with a 92% retention rate when fully implemented.
Since our inception in 2001, we understand how important it is to have the right team leading a long-term care setting. Let
us match your organization with the right Nurse Leadership candidates.
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"Julie and MedBest were recommended to me by a trusted colleague due to her vast industry experience. What I liked the most is that Julie took the time to understand our culture and was able
Raj Patel
CEO, Optalis Healthcare
“MedBest has been a huge help over the last 2 years when hiring staff. I would highly recommend MedBest Senior Care to other people working in the LTC industry.”
Craig Neiswanger, B.S., M.B.A., L.N.H.A.
COO, Vita Healthcare Group
“Your Interim DON did a great job stepping in! She had a passion to make a difference and a love for resident care. We were impressed by her knowledge base,...
Cathie Chabrier
Administrator, Westminster Suncoast
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