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Recruiting for Director of Nursing and
Nurse Leadership Positions

The executives who fill management positions within the senior healthcare industry play a vital role in the way a facility functions. At MedBest, we work tirelessly to ensure that we place the perfect candidate in each position based on their skill sets, qualifications, and personality to ensure long-term success.

Recruiting Perfect Managers within the
Senior Healthcare Industry

When searching for talent to fill a management role, we screen potential candidates for many different skills, personality factors, licenses and certifications to ensure that they will be able to lead in these critical positions. Careers in healthcare management present their own unique set of challenges and demands, making the finding of the perfect match that much more important for long-term success. No executive recruiting firm understands this more than MedBest. Remember we are executives placing executives. Your business has been our business for decades.

interim director of nursing

Nurse Leadership is the cornerstone to a successful long-term healthcare facility. They are the eyes, ears and ultimate communicators for a patient’s needs.

An exceptional Nursing Leader and their staff will display the perfect balance between compassion and business. Some essential traits of Nurse Leadership include:

  • Teamwork Oriented
  • Integrity
  • Ability to Coach & Mentor
  • High Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Expert Communicator
  • Poise under Pressure
  • Balancing Business Management and Quality Care
  • Positivity
  • Open Friendliness

Without these traits, senior care facilities end up losing revenue due to patient or resident dissatisfaction and poor clinical outcomes. It is an imperative that long-term healthcare care facilities place the perfect Nurse Leaders.

The executives who fill these roles are a crucial keystone in the way a healthcare facility functions. The expert recruiting team at MedBest understands this since many of our search consultants have extensive experience within the senior living industry. We are executives placing executives!

Some of the skills we look for during our recruitment process include:

  • Strong Clinical Knowledge
  • Previous Nurse Leadership and Director of Nursing Experience in Senior Care Setting
  • Regulatory Knowledge and Positive Survey Outcomes: Rigorous License Recertification Standards
  • Experience with P & P Implementation
  • Team Building and Mentoring
  • Ability to Follow Through
  • Strong Tenure

MedBest has successfully filled these Nurse Leadership roles:

Why MedBest Recruiting Is Different

A candidate could be the perfect fit for a position on paper, with all of the skills, licenses, and qualifications required – but personality can make or break a team culture. At MedBest, we understand that candidates are not two-dimensional figures that can be hired based on just facts and statistics, which is why we take the time to prescreen and thoroughly interview potential employees.  In fact, because of our screening process, the average MedBest client will only conduct two interviews before making an offer. This not only saves you and your business money, but also valuable time.

  • Our MedBest Advantage package is a twenty five-step process of research, recruitment, retention.
  • Our MedBest Premium package encompasses Medbest Advantage but incorporates a science based personality DISC assessment. Matching candidates with a company’s culture, DISC has proved itself time and time again with a 92% retention rate when fully implemented.

Since our inception in 2001, we understand how important it is to have the right team leading a long term care setting. Let us match your organization with the perfect Nurse Leadership candidates.

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