New C-Level Title in Remote Work Gains Ground – The CRO

Remote work isn’t a new concept, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its growth.  According to Global Workforce Analytics, by the end of 2021, we could see approximacalltoy 30% of the workforce being remote considering that the fear of remote work has been reduced among employers and in-demand by employees.

As more employees choose a remote or hybrid work schedule, organizations will need to streamline communication, measure productivity, stay on task by implementing project management, and prevent employee isolation. Ultimacalltoy, there needs to be a point person to stay on top of all this.  Enter the Chief Remote Officer (CRO) also known as the Director of Remote Work and the Head of Remote Work.

What Exactly Does the CRO Do?

The CRO’s key mission is to facilitate and streamline remote operations to drive success for both the organization and employee. Specific tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Test all existing workflows to ensure they can adapt to remote work
  • Review infrastructure to properly support remote workers
  • Ensure remote workers are properly onboarded and trained and ensure their work is achievable regardless of location
  • Serve as the designated leader for coordinating geographies and time zones to meet deadlines
  • Advise on the latest and proven remote work practices
  • Add input into hiring process
  • Measure success of virtual work environments and makes changes as needed
  • Maintain a high level of employee engagement

What Skills Should You Look For in a CRO?

  • Tech Savvy. Needs to help less tech savvy workers succeed in a remote environment
  • Effective Communication. Be precise and succinct especially when it comes to employee roles and responsibilities
  • Ability to Strategize. Creates strategizes with all departments to ensure remote operations run smoothly
  • Organization. Help employees get the project across the finish line with as few headaches as possible
  • Servant Leadership.  Emphasis on the growth and well-being of people and helping them perform at their best
  • Empathy. Having the ability to relate to challenges from team members
  • Problem-Solving. Must be able to process and find solutions to difficult or complex issues
  • Coaching. Ability to work within synchronicity and coach others to do the same
  • Leadership. Since this role is about working with people and teams, previous leadership role in HR would be a big plus

Should Long-Term Care Organizations Hire a CRO?

In short, if your long-term care organization has a large number of remote workers, then you may want to consider hiring a CRO.

Remote work in long-term care has been a pressing topic for the last 18 months.  While front-line caregivers had to remain on-site, many support staff were sent home to stop the spread. But they still had to work. As the pandemic dragged on, it became apparent that the nature of their work was changing, and many went to a remote or hybrid schedule.  Now, many would rather quit than return to a traditional work schedule.

What are Some Titles in Long Term Care That Have Gone Remote/Hybrid?

  • Sales Executive, Director of Sales & Regional Sales Manager
  • Regional Director of Health & Wellness
  • Clinical Consultant
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Network Engineer
  • Operations Specialist
  • Resident Program Manager
  • Analytics Manager

As remote work and hybrid schedules grow in popularity, the role of the Chief Remote Officer will only increase in demand.  More than ever, employees are seeking more flexibility and freedom in their work and the home office might be here to stay.



Julie Rupenski is the Founder, President & CEO of MedBest, opening the doors in 2001. Since then, Julie has gained national recognition for providing top talent solutions exclusively for the Senior Living Industry. Her specialties include filling C-Suite, Vice President, Regional, and Property level positions.

Julie has an in-depth knowledge of the Senior Living Industry.  She previously worked in operations for both Senior Housing and Senior Living prior to founding MedBest. Today, Julie makes it her personal and professional mission to place qualified people in health care positions where they have the greatest impact.

Julie earned her degree in Gerontology at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida and continues to cultivate her career through senior living conferences, forums, trade shows, and expos.

Contact Julie Rupenski at / 727-526-1294.

(Julie’s industry articles and interviews have been published in Provider Magazine, Argentum Quarterly, LeadingAge Magazine, Florida Health Care Association, Florida Assisted Living Association, Florida Senior Living Association, LeadingAge Florida, LeadingAge Indiana, Pennsylvania Health Care Association, Oregon Health Care Association, and Virginia Assisted Living Association.)



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