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The Tool to Evaluating Where Job-Seekers Can Be Most Successful

We’ve all googled: “what is my ‘personality’ type? Or what career is best for me?” Well, recruiters are asking the same thing about you.

YES, your resume is important, but your personality matters more! When on the job hunt, recruiters and companies aren’t just looking for you to be a good fit on paper, your personality traits are a huge factor in them hiring you.

No one wants to place a new hire where they won’t be happy long-term, as recruiters WANT YOU TO STAY for retention purposes and quality relationships with their clients. It’s important to be able to understand what environments are best, and there are tools to help you do so very effectively.

For example, at MedBest, we use an instrument called DISC to evaluate candidates, clients, and even our recruiters themselves.

DISC Summary

It’s simple. The test is online, quick, and easy. According to DISC assessments, the test specifically measures, based off your formatting of the answers, your Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness, giving the assessment its name: DISC. Seeing where you are placed on the spectrum of each of these categories, the assessment refers to different ways of better understanding your work style and how to build more effective relationships.

How does it work?

Where can you use this?

Well, Julie Rupenski, CEO of MedBest, says this “can be useful in almost any scenario, whether for sole self-reflection or relationships, professionally, with clients or coworkers to know how to more efficiently work with them successfully.”

In particular, Rupenski and our recruiters at MedBest, use DISC to help break down and evaluate strengths, weaknesses, communication tips, and overall recognition of talent’s style.

DISC Graph

“Clients and Job Candidates can go through the process with a personal recruiter and help understand what they may be truly looking for and what could be the best fit for success with quantifiable data,” Rupenski reflected.

Even more importantly, through this assessment, the impacts of those behavioral profiles on workplace culture can be generally determined. This process is one of the aspects of MedBest that makes them so successful in finding, vetting, and completing complimenting matches for clients and candidates.

How does your personality affect your job?

Try it out for yourself and contact MedBest to find the best fit for you!





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