the medbest difference

The MedBest Difference

The MedBest Executive Recruiting Firm Concentrates Exclusively on Jobs in the Long-Term Senior Healthcare Industry

Very few recruiting firms are only involved in senior living and care. By concentrating our efforts exclusively in LTC, we have achieved access to executive talent in corporations and facilities nationwide.  Our team of experts are former executives and managers within the same industry we are placing our candidates. This focus on senior care provides MedBest with a niche of invaluable well-developed relationships, with top executives and management throughout the nation’s senior care industry. Medbest is also a nationally recognized provider of executive search and leadership consulting services to Boards and CEOs in the long-term care industry.

The MedBest Team Of Experts Focus on Quality Not Quantity

MedBest experts may thoroughly screen 80 candidates. However on average we will only interview two before an offer is discussed. To compare where MedBest stands on quality selection, the national standard is seven interviews before placement is secured. Our standard is almost four times quicker, saving companies a significant amount of time and hassle. MedBest is also a direct hire search firm providing candidates with C-Suite to mid-level placement, which ensure quality talent. Unlike many competitors we are not a staffing agency.

We recruit senior officers in all functional areas:

• Chief Executive Officer

• Chief Operating Officers

• Chief Financial Officers

Our clients include public corporations, family owned operations, faith-based facilities, and non-profit businesses

The MedBest Premium Process Recruits a Success Rate over 30% Higher Than  National Average throughout the Senior Healthcare Industry

Personality matching is a large part of a successful union between an elite candidate and a company. Our Medbest Premium process is extensive and results in highly successful long-term placement of elite talent. The MedBest average for successful fill rate is 77% whereas the national average for the healthcare industry is 42%. MedBest takes the time to ensure that the right people are recruited for the right positions. A recent survey done by the AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges) proved that personality actually trumps finances and pay rate in choosing a medical specialty field. We have a reputation for being extremely selective and experiences with our choices. This guarantees that each employee is placed in a position within the senior care industry where his or her talent  is maximized and used to its fullest potential.

MedBest is Vigilant About Confidential Searches

As former heathcare professionals, MedBest Executive Recruiters understand the importance of confidentiality. We are experts in how to conduct a confidential search. Most of our candidates do not need jobs. They are currently employed but seeking a more challenging environment. When we locate these candidates, we make sure privacy is protected when actively searching for their dream job. Medbest’s team of  recruiting experts make sure their search is conducted in an extremely confidential way which protect theirs identity.

For those who are looking for a position in senior healthcare, our job board is full of great opportunities to find the perfect match for your skills.