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The Code of Ethics for Recruiters

We’ve all heard horror stories or jokes about military recruiters bragging that joining the army will take you around the world, but they fail to mention the possibility of dodging bullets during your travels. Well there are recruiters in all types of employment, not just the Armed Services. Many recruiters work exclusively in one profession, such as Senior Healthcare, or for specific positions, such as management, C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO).

Recruiters, they can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

The definition of an employment recruiter is one who participates in the process of adding new individuals to a population or sub-population, specifically in the world of finding people jobs.

In short, they find someone a job and take a percentage typically based on the amount of his or her salary (usually only the first year) as compensation. A reputable recruiting firm earns its fee from the client and not the candidate. Many of us realize recruiters are pretty much sales people, but what some don’t understand is that a basic code of ethics for recruiters should be followed by any recruiting firm. MedBest, a nationally recognized senior care recruiting firm, has supplied a brief explanation of the basics regarding the recruiter’s Code of Ethics toward candidates.


  1. First and foremost, recruiters should only submit candidates for jobs which they have received verbal or written permission. The last thing you want is to have too many resumes out, especially if you are not interested in working for a particular company. It creates an unpleasant situation to unnecessarily have to turn down an employer. Plus, if your industry is specific, such as senior care, word can get around quite quickly you are looking for another job..and that could jeopardize your current position.
  2. Recruiters should disclose or not refer any candidate who is known to engage in illegal or questionable business practices. This means if they were looking to find Charles Manson a job they would need to mention the words “organized serial killings.” Or if Martha Stewart was seeking a change of career they would need to mention “convicted of false statements to prosecutors regarding the sale of stocks.” Or the recruiter could opt not to refer these candidates..probably a wiser move.
  3. Recruiters should not misrepresent the job requirements or benefits. This means recruiters should be honest about all the information given to them regarding the position. This includes salary, benefits, hours, length of employment and anything else that could affect the decision of the candidate to move ahead with an offer. Why would you want to waste time interviewing on a job that pays significantly less than your requirements. Plus, if you can’t trust your recruiters to calltol the truth about something you will eventually find out, what else could they be hiding?
  4. Recruiters must keep the candidates information confidential and only apply it towards finding employment. This means recruiters are not supposed to use information about you for ANYTHING other than finding you a job. So if you happen to be Brad Pitt, and were looking to transition to a job in the senior healthcare industry, your recruiter shouldn’t be talking to the National Enquirer about how needles make you pass out, and elderly people make you nervous. It’s a violation of your privacy, and could end up hurting your reputation, and thus your job opportunities.

These are the Recruiters’ Code of Ethics when dealing with a candidate. Look for our future blogs which will include the Code of Ethics between a recruiter and a client/employer. MedBest is a nationwide healthcare recruiting firm that places mid to senior level management, including C-Suite, within all areas of senior care. MedBest has reputation of focusing on quality not quantity.

To find out more information regarding open positions in the senior care industry or to recruit high-end senior care talent including C-Suite, contact MedBest at 727 526-1294.

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