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After Two Consecutive Unsuccessful Hiring Efforts, A Premier Senior Living Management Company Uses MedBest to Find COO Who Triples Growth in First 3 Years

Company A was somewhat new to the long-term care industry and went through two unsuccessful Chief Operating Officer (COO) placements before coming to MedBest.  Within a short period of time, MedBest was able to immediately place a President who was a perfect fit with the company’s culture, and Company A's revenue tripled in just three years.
MedBest placed the successful C-suite position in roughly two months Company A increased revenue around 300% in three years under MedBest's successful placement Company A was able to land significant financing to expand and purchase 20 additional sites due to the reputation and leadership of the new President. Company A manages large full scale senior care communities with long-term care facilities located in several states throughout the nation. Like many of our clients, they manage Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Living, Nursing Homes and more.

Company A Faces Major Challenges After
Unsuccessful Hiring Attempts

The Director of Human Resources was frustrated after having spent the time and resources to find two senior level executives, both of which seemed like a good fit for the company based on it’s typical hiring metrics and procedures. After sifting through countless resumes, interviews and references, an executive was hired. The COO was perfect on paper but did not share the same mindset as the company. Company A was looking for a trail blazer.
After realizing this was an unsuccessful fit, the replacement search began again.  After already losing two executives in a short time frame, Company A did not have the resources or time to accomplish the comprehensive screening, background, and reference check that MedBest experts use. Unfortunately another unsuccessful match at the senior level was made.
Over the time period of losing the original COO and subsequently the following two, revenue dropped drastically for Company A. Furthering the problem, several other subordinates left Company A due to an unsuccessful comradery with the new COO's. Money was wasted, vacancies developed in crucial management positions and morale sunk to an all time low.

MedBest Rescues Company Saving Time & Money with
Proven Track Record

Company A was familiar with MedBest’s reputation and called for a rescue operation. We quickly identified Company A's culture and exactly what they expected in a COO.  Knowing they could not afford another bad match, we used our 25-step recruiting process to seek out elite candidates, saving Company A significant time and hassle.  
Our background and reference checks went beyond a phone call and a Google search. We used our established relationships within the healthcare industry to find out valuable information regarding candidates strengths and weakness that would not been revealed on paper or in a typical reference check. MedBest recruits quality over quantity.
MedBest used the 25-step recruiting process to bring three elite candidates to the table. Of those three, one was hired as President of Company A in roughly two months. of when our search began. After directly hiring our candidate, Company A's revenue shot up nearly 300 percent within three years, and the company was able to significantly expand due to the reputation and achievements with their newly recruited President.

Company A Locates Perfect Candidate on the
First Attempt with MedBest

The Director of Human Resources still utilizes extensive HR experience to hire nursing staff and medical professionals, but when the company is looking for an executive, they turn to MedBest. The Director says that it’s company has saved thousands of dollars by using MedBest to find the perfect healthcare executive without continuing multiple hiring cycles. MedBest consistently places ideal candidates on the first attempt.

MedBest’s BackGround in Senior Care
Proved a Valuable Asset

The world of long-term healthcare is the only business MedBest CEO Julie Rupenski has known. Her experience with senior healthcare management, coupled with a lifetime of connections from working in the same industry, allowed MedBest to corner the market on recruiting top executives.

 Julie created MedBest after experiencing first hand the short-fall in hiring executives who match a company’s culture and mindset.  With over 80 years of combined experience in the long-term healthcare business, and over 15 years of recruiting for that same business, the MedBest expert recruiting team was able to save Company A from further disastrous circumstances, and help catapult them into a once again vibrant and expanding company.

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