What Makes Specialty Hospitals
So Special?

Traditional hospitals are hubs of doctors, nurses, and administrators treating patients with varying afflictions and
needs; there is not a singular focus of the facility. Specialty Hospitals are unique in that they focus on a specific
concern, population, or area of healthcare. MedBest understands that each facility has its own unique needs and
requires a particular skill set in every employee — especially at the executive and management levels. Specialized
healthcare means specialized skill sets.

Why Select MedBest as Your Search Partner for
Specialty Hospitals?

Specialty Hospitals are a niche of healthcare that requires an extraordinary leadership team. The accreditation and re-
certification process alone is stringent, therefore leaders have a heavier burden to establish long-term placement in these
hospitals. We understand that there are increased expectations of patients within this realm of healthcare. Due to
challenges from the Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), the Joint Commission, CMS, and AHCA, specialty hospitals
must follow strict guidelines which can lead to pitfalls when hiring new employees.

Management must understand the independent challenges within each specialty. Fortunacalltoy, many of our MedBest experts
have spent time managing these unique areas of healthcare. At MedBest, we tailor our hiring process to our client’s specific
needs to ensure we are providing a long-term solution. These are areas some of the areas where MedBest has successfully
recruited long-term employees:
Nurse Leadership
Long-Term Acute Care Units
Specialty Surgery

Director of Nursing Position
Imperative at Specialty Hospitals

The Director of Nursing position is one of the most important jobs in healthcare at a Specialty Hospital. The Director of
Nursing is a registered nurse who supervises the nursing staff and care of all the patients at a facility. Excellent
communication skills are crucial because the DON is the link between the physicians and the nursing staff. The Director of
Nursing is also responsible for making sure physicians understand a patients needs. They must provide a balancing act
between professional caregivers and the needs of patients. Directors of Nursing within specialty hospitals must be great
politicians, as they must effectively communicate with teh hospiatl board membes and those they report to, such as the
hospital Chief Nursing Officer. Without competent leadership in the DON, hospitals can lose patients, nurses, and ultimacalltoy
revenue. The DON has special training and required certifications to operate in Specialty Hospitals. If you are seeking a
Director of Nursing position within a Specialty Hospital, let MedBest find your dream job. Please check our job board for
recent listings.

How MedBest Recruits Top Talent For
Specialty Hospitals

Our unique recruiting system was designed on a 25-step checklist. The comprehensive and rigorous interviewing process
allows us to find long-term candidates instead of a temporary fix.

At MedBest, we make the process of recruiting and securing talent easy for our clients. With over 80 years of experience in
the healthcare industry, we know the common problems specific to our industry and how to fix them. We offer two different
packages to our customers, dependent upon how in-depth they would like the “matchmaking” process:
MedBest Advantage

Features our 25-step recruitment process. In this rigorous screening, we find possible talent and candidates to then recruit and interview. We do all the heavy lifting, meaning clients will usually only interview two final choices. Our dedicated team will then work with our client to ensure that the candidate is secured for the long-term.
MedBest Premium Package

Offers all that MedBest Advantage does, but launches it step further. A perfect match is guaranteed with the use of personality testing. This unique and highly effective form of testing allows us to screen potential candidates for possible conflicts and personality elements that may become troublesomein the long run.
Specialty Hospital Executive
The experts at MedBest put their knowledge, experience, and dedication to work recruiting for every
client. Contact us today to find the perfect executives for your Specialty Hospital. If you're looking for a
new career opportunity, visit our Job Board today.

Here's What They're Saying About Us

"Julie and MedBest were recommended to me by a trusted colleague due to her vast industry experience. What I liked the most is that Julie took the time to understand our culture and was able
Raj Patel
CEO, Optalis Healthcare
“MedBest has been a huge help over the last 2 years when hiring staff. I would highly recommend MedBest Senior Care to other people working in the LTC industry.”
Craig Neiswanger, B.S., M.B.A., L.N.H.A.
COO, Vita Healthcare Group
“Your Interim DON did a great job stepping in! She had a passion to make a difference and a love for resident care. We were impressed by her knowledge base,...
Cathie Chabrier
Administrator, Westminster Suncoast
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