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IT recruitment is predicted to skyrocket this year with Healthcare IT Jobs compared to many other information technology jobs. Every Senior Care Community is expected to transition and maintain an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) system  in 2018. To be prepared for these types of  implementations of EMR and EHR, IT leadership positions are a must and are in high-demand within our Senior Living Industry. The importance of transitioning to electronic medical records of the standard medical and clinical data will allow the patient’s health records to be moved between other Insurance Companies, Healthcare providers, medical specialists, hospitals, and nursing homes or assisted living communities; giving a more comprehensive view of the patient’s history and to ensure smoother transitions of medical and prescription data.

IT Recruitment Testimonials:

Julie Rupenski and her MedBest recruitment team did a great job at finding the right VP of IT for our company and culture. She presented a slate of 3 qualified IT candidates within 26 days for us to interview. We were impressed with each candidate and their IT qualifications. However, one candidate had the exact personality we were looking for. He was able to seamlessly mesh with our team and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  We were also very pleased with the MedBest search process. We plan to use MedBest again in the future.” -Mark Cronquis, CFO, Southern HealthCare Management

“As a job candidate, Julie and her team met my expectations. They were very thorough and easy to work with. I went through three interviews before getting presented to the client. They didn’t waste my time. That’s what pleased me the most and I would recommend MedBest services to others.” – Ivan Aviles, Senior Business Analyst

IT Recruitment Agencies

IT Recruitment Agencies are quickly becoming a necessary addition to healthcare recruiters because of the growing need for information technology jobs in the healthcare industry. MedBest is an experienced provider of Senior Living Healthcare and Healthcare IT jobs for top long-term care organizations and communities across the country. Our team of nationally recognized Healthcare IT Recruiters specializes in placing Healthcare IT jobs and HIT executives for organizations of all sizes providing industry-leading results. Our Healthcare IT Recruiters understand the EMR rollout process and optimization, requires the need for team buy-in and can implement the right candidate for you.

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