Katie Piperata

Katie Piperata

katie-medbestDirector of Operations/Senior Partnerkpiperata@medbest.com

Katie has mastered the art of matching top executives with the perfect senior-care company. In fact, you could call her the Picasso of the healthcare recruiting business.  One of the attributes which has allowed Katie to help turn MedBest into such a successful recruiting firm, is that she has an extensive background in the senior care industry. Katie has been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and an Executive Director of a five-star rated long-term care facility where she was repeatedly recognized for her achievements. Katie has also formalized procedures that have advanced MedBest within the healthcare recruiting world.

She is certified in the DISC/Motivators Success Insight Practitioner Program. A world-renowned program, that qualifies her to interpret behavioral assessments that help clients avoid the pitfalls of an unsuccessful hire. Along with that milestone, the National Association of Personnel Services recognizes Katie as being an expert in employment laws and how they relate to the day-to-day functioning of the search and staffing professional.  She is also sworn to abide by the professional and ethical standards of recruiting.

Katie continues to serve the senior care industry by contributing to MedBest’s growth as a nationally recognized recruiting firm that focuses on quality not quantity. As a Senior Partner at MedBest, in the past eight years, Katie has placed over five hundred people throughout the United States in retirement communities, health care centers and assisted living facilities.  When Katie is not helping advance someone’s career or assisting a company with the perfect hire, you will find her actively involved with non-profit campuses.

Drawn to the elderly at age 12, Katie’s life work continues to ensure the aging population receives the respect and quality of care they’ve earned. She continues to cultivate her career through education and carries an MBA from the University of Tampa and a Gerontology degree from the University of South Florida. Fast-forward from the wide-eyed child who sat and talked with seniors, and you have a trailblazing advocate for quality senior care.  

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