Oregon Health Care Association Posts MedBest Blog of Workforce Trends 2022

Below is the guest article link to 10 Workforce Trends in 2022. Will You Adapt?,” published on the OHCA CareNotes blog by Julie Rupenski, the Founder and CEO of MedBest, an OHCA business partner. 

Businesses and individuals have all been affected one way or another by the pandemic. How they work and the way they work has changed. For most organizations, including those in senior living, there’s no going back. It’s either adapt or get left behind.

With that in mind, here are 10 pandemic accelerated trends that will help to shape the senior living workforce in 2022.  Read Full Blog: https://www.ohca.com/publications/news-bulletin/january-6-2022/10-workforce-trends-for-2022-how-will-you-adapt-to-them/

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