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Nurse Management Jobs Are Now In Demand

Nurse Management Jobs in Long-term Care are Flourishing

Where there is demand, there are jobs!

In long-term senior and elder care, there most definicalltoy is a demand for nurses especially at the managerial level. Nursing management positions are essential for overseeing physical, behavioral, and clinical issues within Senior Living Communities. The need and demand for nurse managers are directly correlated to the huge projected growth in our ever-growing senior citizen population.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has suggested that nurses will see an increase of demand in this field of 19% by the year 2022. In some specialties, this demand will be higher. The average salary for nurses in assisted living is often quite reasonable, $60-100,000, but it is important to remember that salary can vary depending on the level of education, how much experience, and location.

Of course, most people who choose a career in nursing do so because they’re caring and have an internal instinct to help others. When it comes to improving the quality of life for people in assisted living, a nursing career is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference, and there are various different ways of making your mark on the senior residents and helping our baby-boomer generation enjoy their late-years in life.

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If you’re thinking about a nursing career, there are two managerial positions that are hot right now and salaries can reach six figures. The Assisted Living Director/Resident Care Director/Wellness Director  and the Director of Nursing are excellent positions to advance your career and earn over 100k annually. Here are details of the positions.

Assisted Living Director: Resident Care Director or Wellness Director

An Assisted Living Director, also known as the Resident Care or Wellness Director, will hire and manage other assisted living staff, as well as overseeing admission for residents, care of the facility and some finance details. In a more clinical and hands-on based position, such as the Resident Care and Wellness Director, the management of all nurses in the assisted living setting, survey compliance and preparations, and staff education are major components of the workday.

How to Become One

Although you could gain an interview with a LPN certification or a bachelor’s degree, many assisted living locations prefer candidates with a master’s degree in health services and candidates with RN experience.

Job Growth Trends

The BLS expects employment for assisted living directors to grow by 22% by 2020.


The salary for an assisted living director can be anywhere between $74,700 and $114,550 a year, depending on the area in which you work.

Director of Nursing

A Director of Nursing supervises the nursing staff and informs them of new policies and procedures. The Director of Nursing is responsible for the recruitment, retention, and training of the nurses. It is mandatory that the legal procedures, nursing laws, and work standards are met in the medical facility. The Director of Nursing must be authoritative and sympathetic at the same time. They take care of patients by overseeing candidate the nurses who are hired to do the work. The standards set for this position are high since this position is in charge of managing staff and surveys.

How to Become One

In the Senior Living industry, a Director of Nursing is important for all clinical aspects of the community. With at least three years of nursing supervisory experience, there are higher chances for a candidate to be a Director of Nursing.

A bachelor’s degree of nursing (BSN) is needed in addition to the candidate being a registered nurse. Armed with a master’s degree in nursing (MSN), a candidate for Director of Nursing can have an edge over the competition. Being a Director of Nursing entails huge technical knowledge regarding administrative duties. This position also requires effective management of the entire medical facility.

Job Growth Trends

According to the CareerBuilder Supply and Demand report, there are only 71,291 active candidates in a pool of almost 961,150 job postings! That’s a huge talent gap, which means Directors of Nursing have the upper hand when it comes to job location and salary negotiation.


The average salary for a Director of Nursing ranges between $95-120,000.

Coming soon, Part II of this blog…High Paying Nurse Management Jobs

If any of these positions interest you, start your journey of finding a great opportunity now! MedBest has the clients and the candidates to help supply the demand needed for nursing in senior living.

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