McKnight’s Posts MedBest Blog: 11 Strategies To Speed Up Your Hiring Process by Julie Rupenski, Founder & CEO, MedBest

Today’s workplace and workforce are constantly evolving. With it, the way we recruit, hire and retain top talent. To keep up with these changes, long-term care leaders must rise to the occasion and make changes where necessary.


The time it takes to fill an open role has been increasing and it currently stands at 44 days. Per SHRM, this is an average for the number of days it takes from the job requisition to a candidate accepting an offer. The time-to-hire has been steadily increasing over the past few years and is about 40 percent higher than pre-pandemic.


For the senior living and long-term care industry, it may take longer than 44 days due to the specialization of roles, current talent scarcity, skills shortages, and more selective job seekers. Consequently, senior care hiring managers are under intense pressure to locate and land qualified senior care candidates against this extremely challenging landscape.


That said. it might be time to review your hiring process and strategy. Can you cut any unnecessary steps in your interview process to pick up the pace? Do you have the right tools in place to recruit qualified candidates in a timely manner? Have you considered adding AI to your repertoire?


The ability to hire faster improves your chances of acquiring top senior living talent before they accept a competing offer.  It also strengthens your position as an senior care organization since having an adequate and qualified staff results in a higher quality of care for residents, increased resident satisfaction, and increased family satisfaction. Your reputation will benefit and good reviews will yield higher occupancy rates.


In addition, adequate staffing and proper scheduling are critical to improving employee retention. Retaining your staff boosts morale and productivity and therefore, may result in less turnover.  Plus, there’s a cost savings especially when it comes to key positions.


Now, we’re not suggesting that you skip or rush through the vetting and hiring process needed to make a thoughtful decision. Rather, as senior living executive recruiters, we recommend that you move it along since the best talent is off the market within 10 days.

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Here are 11 strategies to increase your speed in hiring


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