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Within this story of an executive search for a Chief Operating Officer, lies a deeply personal story of compassion, determination, and family.  Two visionary founders of an Assisted Living and Memory Support Community were on a mission born out of necessity and love.


It all began when one of the founders and their father faced the challenges of memory care and struggled to find a suitable residence. Faced with very limited options and a desire to provide the best possible care for their loved one, both owners embarked on a mission to create their own senior living community unlike any other. It would be built on compassion, dignity, respect, and superior care. They dared to dream and succeeded. They went on to grow their business portfolio over the next 20 years and included 9 properties.


However, now it was time for the owners to start a new chapter in their lives and therefore, had to start the daunting task of finding their own replacement. The two owners remained steadfast in their commitment to ensuring the continuity and success of their organization. They needed to find a COO who shared their values and vision—a task made even more challenging by the deeply personal nature of their mission.


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Christina serves as a Senior Executive Recruiter for MedBest and works directly with top-tier clients and candidates to fill C-Suite and VP roles. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics, role requirements, and organizational culture, Christina excels in finding the perfect match between high level executive talent and the leadership opportunity.  Christina brings over 30 years of experience working in the senior care industry as a leader and operator and as a result, brings a wealth of knowledge about the Senior Living Industry. Contact Christina at / 727-316-6695.

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