Creating a “Needs List” to Recruit the Right Candidate in Long-Term Care

Having trouble finding the right candidate?

Create a “needs” list.

To find the missing piece to your puzzle in your business, you have to plan. The MedBest recruiters specialize in planning for long-term care companies but our insight can be applied to all businesses.

You can begin your plan, by running through some questions and working with a recruiter.  

First, think of the position that needs to be filled. MedBest recruiters suggest going through these questions either personally or with a recruiter to successfully be prepared.

Neidy DeJesus, the Director of Research and Development at MedBest Recruiting, advises, “If a client knows the specifics of what they want (skills, licenses, titles and etc.) this will help a researcher come up with a more refined search string.  This in turn, helps find the type of candidates the client wants more efficiently. Knowing what you want ahead of time, as a client, helps recruiters accuracalltoy find the types of talent you want to interview.”

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1. What are the jobs and expectations for that position?
What are the responsibilities for this position you’re looking for? What is this position expected to do daily? Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for this position to have clear standards. Does this position require certain skills, licenses, training? Have those requirements stated clearly and prepare your system for the molding and learning that will best prepare your candidate.

2. Who will they be working with directly and indirectly?
Is this person going to be interacting with people constantly and having team members to support them? Or working at a desk and need to motivate themselves? MedBest uses specified tests to evaluate all their candidates and clients to analyze the best fits for businesses and potential workers. It’s common knowledge that certain personalities do better together or apart. Be aware of the successful and uncomfortable personality types that have passed through this position before.

3. Why is that position open in the first place?
What happened? Reflect on the positive and negative events that happened with the last candidate and start to brainstorm how those events could be remade or prevented.

4. What was missing before that you’re looking for now?
Maybe the last candidate was missing something essential to the successful of that position. You can’t be wasting time repeating your same hiring mistakes.

5. What do you want out of the candidate?
The position is important to break down to the most simple of tasks and work up to the more complicated potential obstacles that the position may face. From here, it is important to reflect on what type of person or candidate could either fix the problem that arose before or would prosper in the environment and role needed.

6. What can limit you in your search?
Knowing your parameters and where you can stay comfortable is especially important. What is your budget? What are the benefits you can give? You don’t want to promise more than you can give or lose out on a rock-star candidate, because you didn’t give enough. That is where recruiters can come in handy.

The more influential the job, the better candidate you want to be placed there. With better candidates, you have to be prepared to negotiate and be flexible. This is a candidate driven market, so be careful about running off qualified candidates with a lack of flexibility or planning. At MedBest, recruiters can help you interpret the candidates’ needs and where you can budge on limitations. Be flexible, open, and ready to move, but, most importantly, be prepared by creating a “needs” list.

To begin your search for qualified and vetted talent in the long-term care industry give MedBest a call at 727 526-1294 or visit us at MedBest is a nationwide recruiting firm specializing in long-term care companies.[addthis tool=”addthis_inline_share_toolbox”]

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