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LeadingAge Florida’s Newsletter, The LeadingLink Posts MedBest’s Blog: Hiring Managers…We Have 2 Words for You: Interim Talent

By Katie Piperata, Interim Solutions & Leadership Development Trainer

It’s still a candidate-driven job market which means candidates have the upper hand. If you’re a senior living hiring manager, filling a key role is very stressful. You’re under tremendous pressure to find the right senior care executive candidate in this crazy job market. More than ever, top talent is willing to jump ship. They’ll leave for organizations offering better bonuses, higher salaries and a plethora of benefits including additional PTO and flexible schedules, etc.

How do you work within these parameters? Should you hire quickly and risk a mismatch ending in a costly mistake? As senior living recruiters, we don’t recommend it. But how can you give yourself more time for a thoughtful hiring decision and relieve some of the pressure? Two words: Interim Talent!

Considering the job market volatility, interim coverage may be more important than ever. Read more to learn about six benefits of using interim senior care executive talent.

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