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Julie Rupenski is Guest Columnist for McKnight’s

MedBest’s Julie Rupenski served as a Guest Columnist for McKnight’s Home Care with Servant Leadership Blog!


The Leadership Style on the Rise!


How can senior living organizations boost their bottom line while retaining their employees in this challenging economic climate? By hiring and developing senior care executive leaders and managers who put themselves last and their people first. In other words, hire and develop servant leaders.


Servant leadership is not a new leadership style especially to the senior living industry. At its core, this leadership style is about making it a priority for senior living executives and leaders to serve rather than to lead.


The pandemic has brought servant leadership to the forefront again and it plays a vital role in the post pandemic world. More than ever, senior care servant leaders are devoted to making the health, welfare and growth of their people a priority.


The theory of servant leadership was started by Robert K. Greenleaf, who popularized the term in a 1970s essay titled “The Servant as Leader.” Since that time, there have been several interpretations of his leadership model. Some say there are 10 traits and characteristics of servant leaders and others say nine or seven.


As home care and senior living executive recruiters, offering both perm and interim placements, we talk to numerous servant leaders on a regular basis and feel that these seven characteristics capture the senior living servant leader in the post pandemic era…


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