Job Offer Rescinded at Eleventh Hour…Now What?

In the fast-paced landscape of Senior Living, challenges are inevitable. Recently, a Senior Living company faced an unexpected twist—an accepted offer for the Regional Vice President of Operations (RVPO) role was rescinded at the eleventh hour.


Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the company swiftly sought a solution. Enter Amy Stewart at MedBest, a trusted partner in executive recruitment known for navigating such complexities with efficiency.


Amy, understanding the critical need, dove into action. Leveraging her expertise and network, she identified a candidate with the right qualifications and the ideal geographical fit within an impressive one-week timeframe.


The candidate, a perfect match both professionally and culturally, was swiftly introduced to the company. Interviews were conducted promptly, decisions were made efficiently, and within 30 days, the new RVPO seamlessly integrated into the leadership team.


Fast forward, this success story didn’t end with the onboarding. The candidate not only excelled in their role but also continues to thrive within the organization. Now a satisfied client of MedBest, the company and the RVPO maintain an ongoing partnership, highlighting the enduring value of strategic recruitment. The RVPO shared with Amy that she and her team did a “great job with great communication and great at answering any questions and streamlining the process.”


This incident showcased not only the resilience of the Senior Living company but also the strategic agility of MedBest in swiftly addressing urgent leadership gaps. In the world of executive recruitment, where time is of the essence, this success story exemplifies the power of precision, speed, and strategic partnerships.


About Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart, M.Ed. serves as an Executive Recruiter with MedBest. She excels in her role due to her exceptional blend of strategic thinking, interpersonal skills. and industry expertise. With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of client talent needs, she navigates the search process with ease and consistently delivers outstanding results.

Amy’s ability to build trust and rapport with both clients and candidates allows her to match top talent with the right opportunities, driving success for all parties involved. Her proactive and personable approach plus her commitment to excellence ensures that every search is precise and professional. She has earned a stellar reputation in the senior living industry as a trusted search partner for both clients and candidates.

Need a senior living executive position filled in a timely manner? Contact Amy Stewart, Executive Search Consultant, at / Call or Text 727-316-6705.

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