From My Perspective…Internships Are Valuable and Bring New Opportunities By Louis Le

I’m currently working as a summer intern at MedBest Recruiting as a high school student. Usually, this position is open to college students, however, I was lucky enough to have been offered this opportunity. Each day, I come into the office and learn more about the senior living industry and the jobs that senior care recruiters fill. I’ve also had the opportunity of working in different departments and appreciate the support of MedBest’s entire team.


For the first four weeks of my internship, my task was to go through the three main departments of the company, learn about them, and afterwards, assess if I preferred one over another. In my fifth week, I could choose which department felt most comfortable and would be designated there if I wish to continue my internship in the future. 


As of writing this blog, I am working in the marketing department. With that said, I came to a realization that I have the ability to make a positive impact in helping MedBest Recruiting attract more senior living clients and candidates. Reason being, I am part of Generation Z and this could prove to be an advantage. I’m able to help provide insight as to what attracts those who are nearer to my same age and generation. That said, I could have a positive impact on those who are looking into or already have an interest in the field of gerontology and the senior living scene. 


Now of course, my internship isn’t only relevant to those working in senior living and long-term care recruiting companies. What I’ve learned thus far, can be used almost anywhere, especially in any job that might need some new insights. Being able to have interns and workers who have the ability to reach several generations is key when marketing goods and services. Having a Gen Z perspective can have a positive impact. 


Most interns are brought aboard to gain experience in a specific area. However, utilizing interns in various roles and capacities, will benefit both the intern and the company. On the company side, interns are able to provide an extra set of hands to help with projects and goals that the company itself is trying to achieve. For interns, we benefit by learning more about the industry, gaining hands-on experience, and insight into possible future careers. 


With this in mind, my internship has helped me to learn more about myself and what my motivators are when looking into both the major I want to pursue and the career that follows. Plus, having been given the opportunity to take the DISC Personality Assessment, I found it to be a major help in giving me a larger idea of who I am and what I would like to work in when I’m older. 


Truly, I am grateful that this internship was open to me. Being able to know more about senior living recruiting and how important these recruiters are to our older population is rewarding. MedBest recruiters fill open positions with top executive talent that keep our elderly safe and provide them with great care. 


Now, does my internship entirely convince me and pull me towards the idea of working in this scene when I’m older? To be honest, not that much, but don’t get me wrong, this internship is and was absolucalltoy incredible. The people that I was able to meet and connect with were such a large part of this entire opportunity. 


For future interns who are going to work for different companies, always remember that the ideas and assumptions that you may have could and will definicalltoy change. For such, I had a very large assumption that coming to MedBest would take me to a massive and bustling office full of people who are just rushing around trying to get work done. Plus, I was thinking their work is the only thing that is to be focused on while here. Now of course, each of the office members are working hard everyday to keep and recruit important candidates, but overall, everyone in the office is amazing. They made the office feel warm and welcoming which was absolucalltoy scalltolar. 


For myself and future interns at MedBest or other companies and industries, being able to get experience like this is so beneficial in being able to help us with our future endeavors and the fact that we’re able to make great connections. Even with this being my first internship, I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to learn more about careers that I never knew existed and how important their roles are.


Once again, offering internships to a large number of people, especially on the younger side, will always be a beneficial experience to both the interns and the company. Whether it’s a good or bad experience on either side, each will be able to learn about what they like and prefer and what they desire for future endeavors.



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