Interim Placement



Interim Executives Can Save a Healthcare
Business in Transition

At times, temporary help is needed quickly to fill key facility management positions. MedBest specializes in placing experienced professionals when immediate situations arise. We recruit qualified  interim executives in the following positions:

  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • Directors of Nursing Services
  • MDS Coordinators

Finding The Right Managers Right Now

At MedBest, we understand companies can lose revenue, credibility and even employees if a leadership position is left vacant. Morale and work ethic can quickly sink. Situations arise when a company may have an unexpected vacancy. MedBest specializes in filling interim positions with capable and credible healthcare professionals. We also have one of the quickest and most successful fill rates for a executive recruiting firm throughout the nation. Even with short-term employment, our elite candidates will have the proper certifications and experience to seamlessly cover the workload.

The short-term solution for your business’s leadership problem can be solved with an interim leader who will keep the business moving while meeting ongoing goals. Interim leaders offer an ideal solution for critical periods in which employees need a strong leader to see them through.

Recruiting Interim Directors Of Nursing, Nursing Home Administrators and MDS Coordinators

MedBest conducts the same reference checks and thorough screening with our permanent hires as we do with our interim placements. Our candidates are proven experts ready to step in and manage during a critical period of transition, crisis situation or major change within your organization. We understand that time is of the essence, requiring seasoned managers who can hit the ground running to provide the service and results that our clients expect. Please view our two recruiting packages MedBest Advantage  and MedBest Premium.

To find out more about our proven track record designed to meet the challenge of your changing needs, contact a MedBest Representative today!

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