How to Leverage The Holidays

Leverage The Holidays for Your Job Search in Senior Care

The holiday season is upon us and this could be the perfect time for you to job hunt. Yet, most people back away from using this prime time to search for their next opportunity.  Their logic is that hiring managers are on vacation and offices are closed. This is not always the case and using this season could work to your advantage.

Check out these 7 tips to help you with your job search during the holidays:

  • Use Lack of Job Candidates to Your Advantage.
    While others are taking a break throughout the month of December, gear up your search. Since the competition is not as intense and fewer people are applying, you have a much better shot of getting hired before the New Year.
  • Network. Network. Network.
    You will be attending a number of holiday parties which will give you ample opportunity to meet and greet people, outside of your normal circle, who could potentially connect you to your next job. Plus, it’s a festive time and people at holiday gatherings are more likely to be in a positive, open frame of mind.
  • Reconnect.
    The holidays are a great excuse for reconnecting with former colleagues and classmates as well as old friends and acquaintances. Send them a holiday email or card with best wishes. If you feel comfortable, mention that you are on the hunt for a new job and ask your contacts to keep you in mind.
  • Use Your LinkedIn Connections.
    Under the My Network tab at the top of your LinkedIn home page, you’ll see an option called “Connections.” After selecting it, you’ll see a list of contacts who have had recent birthdays, promotions, work anniversaries, or new jobs. Scroll down the list until you see users with whom you haven’t touched base with in quite a while. Send them a quick note of good wishes for the holiday season and coming year.
  • Use Other Social Media.
    In addition to LinkedIn, check out your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Look for any potential contacts and send them a holiday message as well.
  • Volunteer at Holiday Events.
    Many hiring managers, decision makers, C-Suite executives attend charity holiday events. Volunteer your time to work at one. If you’re not sure the right crowd will be in attendance, ask the charity event coordinator or do some digging on your own to find out the sponsors or attendees at the same event last year.
  • Connect with Recruiters.
    If you don’t have relationships with any recruiters in your industry, December is a great time to contact one. Ask your friends for referrals or for an introduction. Also, check out their Google Reviews. Make sure to work with a reputable search firm well-respected in your industry. Recruiters can present jobs that might not be found anywhere else including job boards.

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