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Long-Term Care Recruiters Catch the Purple Squirrel

Ever let a perfect candidate slide through your recruiting process?

All businesses, including long-term care companies, have lost a great candidate at some point. But there are so many factors as to why that may occur. It’s much like a relationship; people are always seeking to find their unicorn and perfect match. They may make a list of parameters a partner should meet, but unfortunacalltoy, it may not always be realistic. This is also true while recruiting for the seemingly unattainable candidate, also known as the purple squirrel. The perfect match may seem like it doesn’t exist, but a compromise can create that sought after unity. The job of a long-term care recruiter is to get as close as possible. Recruiters can help set the standards for your process and keep those standards realistic. For this to happen, it is important to take into consideration not only what you need, but what candidates need in return.

Recruiting a Purple Squirrel for a Long-Term Care Company

recruiting a purple squirrel

Recruiters are there to be your middle-man. Recruiters are used as tools to shape your needs and understand the needs of the candidates you seek. Taking the time to go through the vetting process and discussing with recruiters openly about your concerns and needs is essential to a successful search. It all starts there. Recruiters can’t find or vet people without having a solid platform to begin their search for candidates.

For example, at MedBest Recruiting, a nationwide search firm specializing in senior living and long-term care, recruiters work personally with clients to get detailed information on what they are looking for in a specific position. Candidates have needs as well, and it is the duty of a recruiter to relay those requests and needs back to the client.

Be Flexible and Open:

If you honestly want a purple squirrel, the perfect fit, be ready to flex your negotiation muscles. You must be mutable with your limits, whether it’s salary, benefits, or growth opportunity. Don’t sink the ship before it sails, take the time to look out in the market with your recruiter, and compare and contrast your expectations based on your competitors. Remember, you’re not the only one out there looking for good talent. A good place to see some of the quality management positions available with long-term care companies is to look at the MedBest job board.

MedBest recruiters have been working for years specifically in the long-term care industry, but one thing recruiters from every industry can agree on, is that when clear needs, expectations, and limits are openly discussed, you’re more likely to get exactly what you want. The key to sealing the deal is remaining flexible, and open to hearing what the candidate needs to join the company.

Purple Squirrels can be found. With the right preparation and a relentless recruiter, much like the long-term care recruiters at MedBest, that magical employee could be waiting outside your office door.

If you are looking for an exceptional experienced recruiter working in the long-term care or senior living industry, visit today and begin your path to recruiting your purple squirrel.

Author: Brittany Burrows

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