How Can AI Help the Senior Living Talent Crunch?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a significant role in addressing staffing shortages in the senior living industry by improving efficiency, reducing administrative tasks, enhancing resident care quality, and assisting in various operational aspects.

Here Are 8 Examples:


-Candidate Matching. AI powered tools can sift through resumes and job postings helping senior living facilities identify suitable candidates more quickly.

-Automated Onboarding
. AI driven chatbots and virtual assistants can guide new hires through the onboarding process reducing the workload on your HR staff. Also, by leveraging AI-powered platforms senior living organizations can automate administrative tasks, deliver personalized learning, and foster continuous learning.

-Staffing Optimization
. AI can analyze historical data, occupancy rates, and care requirements to optimize staffing levels. This ensures that facilities always have the right number of staff members on duty. Here’s 11 of the best Staffing Software for 2023

-Shift Planning
. AI can create shift schedules that accommodate staff preferences while ensuring adequate coverage.

-Documentation & Reporting
. AI can automate the process of documenting patient care and generating reports, reducing administrative overhead for caregivers.

-Care Quality
. AI can analyze patent data to predict health issues. This proactive care may reduce the need for emergency staff.

-Telehealth & Virtual Consultations
. While telehealth has been around for awhile now, it’s worth noting that telehealth platforms have reduced the need for on-site medical staff or an unnecessary trip to a doctor’s office for minor concerns.

-Robotic Caregivers
.  To lessen the demands on human staff, advanced robotics coupled with AI can assist with tasks such as meal delivery and basic health checks. In addition, autonomous robots can navigate hallways and elevators carrying medications. This boosts efficiency without breaking a sweat. However, the use of robots may not be popular with residents since they are often seen as cold and impersonal, which can turn people off.


While AI can address staffing shortages, it’s important to remember that technology should complement, not replace, the human touch in senior care. The combination of AI tools and a dedicated, well-trained staff can provide the best possible care for seniors during this talent crunch.

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Julie Rupenski is the Founder & CEO of MedBest Recruiting. Since opening its doors in 2001, Julie has grown MedBest into an award winning, multimillion-dollar national firm, garnering impressive awards including INC 5000 2021 and Tampa Bay Fast 50 2021 and Top Interim Services Provider 2023!  In addition, Julie was named as one of the “Top 100 Women Leaders in Tampa 2022″ by Women We Admire.


MedBest has gained national recognition due to Julie’s industry expertise and high level of success. Julie has an in-depth knowledge of the senior living / long term care industry.  She previously worked in operations for both senior housing and senior living prior to founding MedBest. Today, Julie and her industry-savvy team of recruiters, make it their mission to place exceptional industry executives in senior living positions where they have the greatest impact.


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