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How To Get High Paying Nurse Management Jobs

Snagging High Paying Nurse Management Jobs


In part one of this article, it was discussed that in long-term senior and elder care, there is a demand for nurse management jobs.

Nursing management jobs are essential for overseeing physical, behavioral, and clinical issues within Senior Living Communities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has suggested that nurses will see an increase of demand in this field of 19% by the year 2022. This gives nurses the upper hand in most cases with salary, depending on the level of education, how much experience, and location.

Though it was a pointed out that salary isn’t everything. Nurses choose this career path, because they have an intrinsic drive to care for others. A nursing career is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference, especially for the ever-growing baby-boomer generation.

MedBest Long-term Care Recruiting has specialized in assisting nurses in finding great nurse management opportunities within Senior Living since 2001. Their healthcare recruiters specifically work with long term care and assisted living communities nationwide.

If you’re thinking about a nursing career, here are three managerial positions that are hot right now and can command high salaries:

Assistant Director of Nursing Job

In the absence of the Director of Nursing, the Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) is responsible for the operation of a nursing unit, wing or entire health care facility, depending on the organizational structure. The responsibilities of an Assistant Director of Nursing Services vary according to organizational structure, size and ownership.

How to Become One

A bachelor’s degree of nursing is needed with the candidate being a registered nurse. Unit managers and Charge Nurses usually move into this position to show their skills in scheduling, staffing, and as a strong leader. Being an ADON entails training and team leadership, since this position will have to be ready to fill the Director of Nursing’s position at any time.

Job Growth Trends

The Supply and Demand generator on Career Builder shows 163,140 job positions open with only 23,466 active candidates to fill those positions.


The average salary for an Assistant Director of Nursing is $65-70,000 a year.

MDS Coordinator Job

In a medical facility, proper documentation and reporting is essential.  If you’re a strategic thinker who is detail-oriented and enjoys the technical-side of the Healthcare Industry, then a job of sorting documents within the clinical setting and becoming a MDS coordinator or Minimum Data Set Coordinator is for you. MDS Coordinators are in charge of assessing each resident’s care plan and tracking the quality measures for ERM and database reports to Medicare, Medicaid, and the Director of Nursing.

How to Become One:

Typically, a Director of Nursing, later in their career, may become an MDS Coordinator to have a break from a nurse managerial role. But you can also get to this position by simply being a nurse with Medicaid/Medicare knowledge, and working to get your MDS 3.0 Certification.

Job Growth Trends

There are only 5,966 active candidates at the moment for a job position pool of 27,129. The talent pool is shallow, so once again, this position is in high-demand.


The average salary for a MDS Coordinator is $70-90,000 a year.

Clinical Liaison Job

A Clinical Liaison serves as an advocate for patients beginning the pre-admissions process and continuing until the patient is discharged from the medical facility. To bring in new residents and referrals to nursing homes these individuals travel to different hospitals and build relationships with doctors and staff as a resource for their patient’s well-being after their acute care in the hospital.

How to Become One:

Clients prefer LPN or RN experience for these positions, and it is normally highly recommended to have sales experience. These individuals are very well networked within the industry, therefore, to start off on the right foot as a Clinical Liaison, it may be wise to build relationships with hospital staff and doctors in your area.

Job Growth Trends

There are only 16,139 active candidates for this position with 200,426 job openings available! Expect an above average growth over the next 10 years.


The average salary is about $40-60,000 a year, but this position does come with bonus potential.

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If any of these positions interest you, start your journey of finding a great opportunity now! MedBest has the clients and the candidates to help supply the demand needed for nursing in senior living.

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