Gen Z Job Seekers Taking Parents To Job Interviews!

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A survey of 800 employers by the Intelligent Group indicated that 1 in 5 Gen Z job seekers took their parents with them for the interview.   We’re not talking about Gen Z teens applying for summer jobs but college grads going to professional interviews.


While we can plainly see generational differences in the workplace, including the senior living and long-term care industry, Gen Z may be taking these differences to a whole new level.


In addition, of the 800 employers surveyed, one-half said that Gen Zers were ill prepared for job interviews. They didn’t dress the part, failed to make eye contact, lacked communication skills, and expected unreasonable compensation. Also, many employers expressed that these college grads were not prepared to enter the workforce. They’re offended too easily and too sensitive to take honest feedback. Companies are finding that they need to offer soft skills courses to help them acclimate.


Some of the employers surveyed indicated that they would be willing to offer older professionals more benefits and higher salaries to avoid hiring new college grads.


Gen Z is comprised of people born approximately between 1996 and 2010. This generation’s identity has been shaped by the digital age, climate concerns, shifts in the economic landscape, political fallout, and anxiety from the pandemic. They get most of their daily news online including from Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. The oldest members are starting their post-education years and entering their professional careers.


Many of Gen Z’s traits were shaped by growing up in a highly digital and interconnected world. They are often characterized as being:


Tech Savvy. Due to the amount of exposure to different technologies in their personal lives, Zoomers expect to work with modern technology.

Entrepreneurial. Gen Z grew up witnessing others create profitable businesses through the use of technology. As digital natives, many want to leverage their knowledge to create opportunities for themselves as well. In fact, over 50% of Gen Z say they would like to own their own business someday and 14 % already do.

Inclusive.  As global citizens, Gen Z places high value on diversity and inclusion. They support workplace changes that promote equality and fairness.

Impatient. Growing up in the digital age, there’s a preference for real time, fast results and immediate rewards. This can conflict with the requirements of certain job situations and tasks.

Flex-Time Focused. Zoomers want more flexibility in the workplace. They want paid paternity leave, generous paid time off, and flexibility in work such as a hybrid schedule and nontraditional working hours.

Results-Oriented. Gen Z is focused on outcomes. They tend to prioritize efficiency and effectiveness over adherence to traditional processes. They don’t accept the same old or the way we used to do it.

Job Hoppers. Zoomers desire a variety of experiences in the workplace and career growth quickly. They are impatient and this leads them to change jobs frequently.

Focused on Meaningful Work. Zoomers often express a strong desire to find meaning in their work. They want to make a positive impact and contribute to a greater purpose. This is a plus for the senior living and long-term care industry.


As mentioned earlier, some employers surveyed said that they would be willing to hire older workers to avoid hiring new college grads for these reasons:


Work Ethic & Reliability. Older workers have a set of values guiding professional behavior, encompassing integrity, responsibility, quality, discipline, and teamwork.

Experienced. Workers who are experienced can hit the ground running. You have someone who can solve problems and use critical thinking skills. They’ve honed their craft over the years and are of great value. No handholding required.

Stability & Commitment. Older workers are committed to staying with a company for the long term. They’re not usually job hoppers and are considered stable and reliable.

Cost-Effective. Since older workers tend to stay longer, the high cost of employee turnover is reduced.

Mentorship Potential. Older workers can share their expertise and serve as valuable mentors to their younger colleagues.

Adaptable. Contrary to the aging stereotype, older workers are actually very adaptable and open to learning new skills and technologies.


While we provided a contrast between Gen Z and older workers, It’s essential to approach observations, stereotypes, and generalizations of any generation with caution. As senior living recruiters, we recognize and accept that individual characteristics vary with each generation.


We encourage senior living and long-term care organizations to leverage the collective wisdom, innovation, and energy that different generations bring to the workplace in order to ensure long-term success and growth.


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