Finding Talent Together…Collaborating with Client’s In-House Talent Acquisition Team

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, MedBest faced a significant challenge when a repeat client sought assistance in filling the critical position of Executive Director in St. Louis, Missouri.  Despite the exhaustive efforts of the client’s internal recruiting team—complete with a list of direct applicants and multiple interviews—the search was proving elusive.


Recognizing the complexities of this search and this market, the client partnered with MedBest to enhance their approach.


With a keen understanding of the client’s requirements and the unique dynamics of the Midwest job market, MedBest swiftly went to work. Our strategy emphasized leveraging industry connections, deploying targeted search methods, and expediting the candidate identification process.


Within a month, a candidate who seamlessly fit the client’s criteria emerged. The collaboration between MedBest and the internal team demonstrated tangible results, with the client expressing satisfaction not only with the speed of the process but also the caliber of the candidate presented.


The success story reached its culmination when the chosen candidate seamlessly integrated into the organization just two weeks after the offer was extended—a testament to the efficiency of the collaborative effort.


This success story highlights the synergy between external expertise and internal dedication, demonstrating how a strategic partnership can successfully overcome hurdles in a competitive job market. The real-world success of this collaboration serves as a valuable case study in effective talent acquisition.


For more information about this search or if you have an immediate talent need, contact Amy Stewart at / 727-316-6705.


About Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart, M.Ed. serves as an Executive Recruiter with MedBest. She excels in her role due to her exceptional blend of strategic thinking, interpersonal skills. and industry expertise. With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of client talent needs, she navigates the search process with ease and consistently delivers outstanding results.

Amy’s ability to build trust and rapport with both clients and candidates allows her to match top talent with the right opportunities, driving success for all parties involved. Her proactive and personable approach plus her commitment to excellence ensures that every search is precise and professional. She has earned a stellar reputation in the senior living industry as a trusted search partner for both clients and candidates. Contact Amy Stewart at / 727-316-6705.



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