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MedBest Healthcare Recruiters Give Insight into Becoming a Successful Recruiter


Recruiting exceptional employees for healthcare companies is a talent in itself.

The senior care industry is unique because it requires a significant amount of trust and reliability. CEO’s and management can easily fall under public scrutiny if their facility or company is seen as substandard or faltering. A healthcare recruiter has to dig into a candidate’s past experience and get a sense of a person’s personality, reputation and strengths. Then ultimacalltoy the recruiter must match this candidate with an employer who’s a good fit.

Successful healthcare recruiters should try and stay away from recruiting pitfalls that can cause one to work much harder and experience more heartbreak. Here are some pitfalls every executive search consultant should avoid when recruiting for the senior care industry.

Think Quality Not Quantity

Remember you cannot help every job seeker find a position. MedBest recruiters receive resumes daily and though it’s good to build a strong database of candidates, beware of storing unworthy talent in your collection of resumes.  A database should be a strong resource. Don’t waste time collecting bad resumes or weak job seekers in your database. You will most likely never place these candidates and ultimacalltoy spend more time when researching through hundreds or even thousands of resumes. Remember time is money, let the weak candidates go.

Read The Resume: Don’t Pass Over Good Candidates

Executive Search Consultants receive many resumes for positions posted throughout the senior care industry. As a recruiter you should not rush through a few lines and determine if this candidate is fit for the position. Remember to take the time to understand each candidate and their qualifications before deciding if he or she is right for the job. Do not make the mistake of eliminating good candidates for weak ones who make a poor fit. Many recruiters and employers use personality assessments to aid in the selection process. Remember one of your goals is to not pass over qualified candidates while continuing to interview unqualified ones.

Recruiting Healthcare Resumes

Follow Your Gut

There are many times when you have a gut feeling that a prospective candidate will make the perfect match with a specific healthcare company, and there are many times when your gut is calltoling you otherwise. If you are on the fence with a candidate, go with your gut feeling.

Don’t Rely on Emails: Make Personal Contact

When contacting candidates for your open position at a healthcare company, remember emailing can work but calling is more efficient. We all know emails can get lost in the shuffle, spam or never reach their target. Many people are busy in their lives and may never open their email for weeks at a time. Do not strictly count on emails when hunting talent because voicemails, calls and text seem to produce more results.

Listed above are a few pitfalls healthcare recruiters can encounter.  Here are some additional important facts.

Stay Current With Technology and Communication Trends

As technology has evolved over the last ten years, texting has become the preference of how candidates prefer to be reached. Many are on the job and cannot receive calls but they do check their text messages throughout the day. Texting can also allow a candidate to send a private message if they are at work without having to pick up the phone and verbally announce their job seeking intentions.

Master Social Media

Remember hiring professionals are in competition for the best employees. As a successful recruiter you must learn how to attract employees. Master social media or have a marketing department that can assist in this ever growing resource.

Find Passive Candidates

Learn how to persuade or gain interest of passive candidates. These are employees who are currently not looking for a job. Many of the best talented candidates are passive because they are comfortable in their current position but still open to possibilities.

Build Long Lasting Relationships

Also remember as you work with your clients, build a good relationship with the hiring team as they build trust in you and your recommendations. Clients will need to fill more positions throughout the company’s lifetime. Show them they can continue to count on you to meet their needs and remove the hassle from their hiring process.

We look forward to seeing you at our next blog as we continue to cover recruiting tips and trends within the senior care industry. If you are seeking a mid to senior level management position within the senior care industry, or searching for the perfect candidate contact MedBest today. We are former healthcare executives placing former healthcare executives.

Blog Author: Gil Vazquez, MedBest Executive Search Consultant/Recruiter

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