MedBest Healthcare Recruiting Certifications & Associations

naps-logoNational Association of Personnel Services

We are a member of the National Association of Personnel Services, a leader in education opportunities for the search, recruiting, and staffing industry. NAPS affords recruiting professionals the opportunity to learn the best practices and keep up with changing regulations in the industry. While attending NAPS conferences, our team members improve their skills as recruiters while expanding their networks.

nic-logoNational Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care

MedBest works with the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care to ensure our candidates are equipped with the latest research, knowledge, and best practices for delivering quality senior care. This elite group of the healthcare industry’s movers and shakers provide valuable insight into the growth, expansion and other valuable cornerstones within the healthcare market.

leading-age-logoLeading Age National

MedBest is also a member of Leading Age National. Leading Age is a charitable organization with over 6,000 not-for-profit members. The organization has been in practice since 1961, and it works tirelessly to advocate on behalf of the well being of senior citizens. Its goal, which is closely aligned with ours, is to change the way society views aging and transform the senior healthcare industry.

florida-health-careFlorida Healthcare Association

Our teams attend annual FHCA conferences to continually improve upon our skills in the healthcare recruiting field. The FHCA represents more than 1,000 nursing, short-term care, long term-care, and assisted living services. Under the FHCA our healthcare recruiters remain current on new regulations, and retain our Nursing Home Administer licenses.

DISC Behavior and Motivators Assessments through TTI

We are certified in DISC testing through TTI, an extensive screening process that serves companies in 90 countries across the world. TTI testing provides some of the most advanced career assessment tools and talent analytics. Working with their testing models, we attain an in-depth analysis of a person’s motivational factors and work ethic, which ensures they are the best fit for a company’s culture.

naps-cpc-logoNAPS CPC Certification

Through the National Association of Personnel Services, MedBest team members are Certified Personnel Consultants. This professional credential is our commitment to recruiting excellence. Certified recruiters can lead clients through the complex process of search and retention. NAPS credentialing requires its members to renew certificates annually though ongoing training in recruiting law, ethics, and best practices.

next-level-logoNext Level Exchange

MedBest is a member of Next Level Exchange, a training program for healthcare recruiting and executive level searches. Next Level Exchange helps keep MedBest recruiters current on new methods and technology, which allows us to find the very best employees throughout the healthcare industry.